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About Us

Woegar AG (M) Sdn Bhd is a company based in Malaysia. Woegar AG (M) Sdn Bhd is a company incorporated in Malaysia and its fully owned by Malaysian.

We are a business leader in organic Agro-Technology. We provide total plantation solutions and technical support services to the Agricultural Sector, with the aim of enchancing the productivity of plantations and improving the health of the crops on a sustainable basis without any adverse effects.


The pesticide application process uses drones and Ultra Low Volume (ULV) techniques, which are fine mist spraying to facilitate the absorption of liquid into the rice crop. When the spraying process is done, the pressure of the drone fan will produce a downward wind flow and open up the rice plant so that the chemicals can reach the base of the plant.


Poison spraying using a drone

Save farmers cost and time

Faster, more accurate and safer

Even spraying in all areas

Suitable for all types of plants

HY Cuka Kayu

Distillation products of burning wood contain a variety of macro nutrients to benefit crops.

HY Cuka Kayu

(4 liter)


HY Cuka Kayu

(1 box = 12 liter)

1 liter = RM15.00


Accelerates plant growth

Overcome growing wild plants

Eliminates unpleasant odours

Inhibits plant micro-organisms

● 100% organic
● 100% pure wood vinegar
● Known as Pyro Ligneous acid
● Derived from wood using pyrolysis process
● Mulitple stage of fermentation & aging process

● Safe to use on all type of produce soil & animals
● Natural Pyro Ligneous acid
● Natural Anti-Fungus
● Natural Pest-Control
● Natural Soil neutralizing

Drone Committed To Agriculture

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